Presto PopLite Hot Air Corn Popper

Presto PopLite Hot Air Corn Popper

Presto PopLite Hot Air Corn Popper

Pop yourself a fresh, hot snack with the Presto PopLite Hot Air Corn Popper. Microwave popcorn packets have too much salt and fat, and new research shows that toxic chemicals leech into the popcorn from the coated paper as they heat up. Save your health and invest in an inexpensive but high quality corn popper. The built in measuring cup helps you create just enough popcorn for a snack or a large batch for a party, and doubles as a melting container for a real butter topping. No matter what kind of popcorn kernels you add to the machine, only a few un-popped kernels will ever remain at the bottom of the dispenser. Other corn popper models struggle to pop gourmet kernel blends, but not the Presto PopLite.

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The hot air popping method also adds no extra calories to your popcorn treat. Plain popcorn has no fat or sodium, or you can add small amounts of salt, herbs and other flavorings without the saturated fat of microwave popcorn that uses hydrogenated oils. You can also add real butter, instead of cheap and unhealthy butter flavoring oil, in this hot air popper. The machine can make as much as 18 cups of hot popcorn in under 3 minutes, but will produce a cup or less without scorching or burning a single kernel as well.

The PopLite offers these features:

  • Easy to clean, lightweight design
  • Electric hot air popping
  • Melts butter as you pop
  • Built in measuring cup for accurate portions

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David has used this model for over 10 years with only one replacement as the yellow air guide cracked from age. He says that the heating element heats evenly without burning or leaving unpopped kernels, and recommends using a little cooking spray on the popcorn to encourage salt to stick without any additional fat. One user recommends keeping the air guide/measuring cup off of the top of the appliance if you don’t want the popcorn to automatically blow into a bowl, and loves making fresh and healthy popcorn with his Presto PopLite. (More Reviews)

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