Proctor Silex 22608Y Cool-Wall Toaster

Proctor Silex 22608Y Cool-Wall Toaster

Proctor Silex 22608Y Cool-Wall Toaster

The Proctor Silex 22608Y Toaster has one serious advantage over other toasters, despite its low price point. As the name suggests, this toasting machine is designed to keep the walls of the toaster cool no matter how dark you like your toast. This allows you to keep the appliance on a crowded counter-top or sit it against the wall without worrying about heat damage or a potential fire risk. Children won’t accidentally burn their fingers while touching the appliance either, although the crispy and fresh toast it produces will still be piping hot.

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Other toasters may be large, technological wonders, but do you really need an LED backlit timer or a touchscreen on your toaster? The Procter Silex excels through simplicity. Toast darkness settings are controlled with a simple dial located the bottom of the black front of the toaster. The depression switch for lowering and raising your toast is durable plastic and will hold up for many morning breakfasts. Despite its simplicity, the design is sophisticated, featuring a combination of sleek brushed metal and shiny black. The compact design also saves valuable counter space.

This toaster boasts features like:

  • Special Cool Wall technology
  • Simple operation with few moving parts to break
  • Reliable and even heating elements
  • Automatic shut off for safety

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Users who have tried larger, more expensive and fancier toasters return to the Proctor Silex model because a toaster should be simple. These users know that more fancy buttons and extra settings means more opportunities for their toaster to break. Kevin uses it up to three times a day and likes the golden brown finish it gives his bagels. Sasha says that she’s tried all types of bread and English muffins and is happy that this toaster gives them all the same even toasting. (More Reviews)

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