Sanyo EM-S6588S 1-Cubic-Foot Microwave Oven

Sanyo EM-S6588S 1-Cubic-Foot Microwave Oven

Sanyo EM-S6588S 1-Cubic-Foot Microwave Oven

Why wait upwards of 5 minutes for a cup of water to boil on the stove top so you can enjoy hot tea or instant oatmeal when the Sanyo Microwave Oven can do it in under 2 minutes? The microwave makes defrosting and reheating tasks a joy instead of a chore, and the 1000 watt Sanyo model is no exception. A full 1 cubic foot interior gives you plenty of space for large bowls of food or packs of frozen meats. The glass turntable measures just under 13 inches in diameter and will turn even with heavy objects placed on top of it.

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Multi-stage cooking options allow you to cook foods evenly, with breaks between heating cycles to ensure moisture levels remain constant. You can have fast and convenient cooking without having to settle for dried out food. The electronic keypad and 2 color display makes it easy to set the power and time levels of the microwave, and 8 direct access keys skip the setting process for the most common options. The defroster can also automatically warm up frozen foods by weight thanks to a sensor in the base of the turntable. If you’re unsure how long that a chicken needs to defrost, this microwave will calculate it for you.

It also comes with:

  • 10 Levels of cooking power
  • Stylish black and brushed metal case
  • Built in timer and clock
  • Wipe clean exterior and interior

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Many customers have purchased this microwave for its stylish design, but others enjoy the easy to set touch pad and sturdy handle on the door. R.S. MacDonald loves how sturdy and solid it is when compared to other microwaves and feels safer using this model because it has a real glass door window instead of thin plastic. (More Reviews)

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