West Bend 58002 12-42 Cup Automatic Party Perk Coffee Urn

West Bend 58002 12-42 Cup Automatic Party Perk Coffee Urn

West Bend 58002 12-42 Cup Automatic Party Perk Coffee Urn

If you entertain regularly or have a large household that needs multiple cups of coffee per person each day, the West Bend 58002 12-42 Cup Coffee Urn is a great choice. This upgraded machine also works better for office and business use than the small 8 cup coffee machines commonly chosen for break rooms. This machine will brew up to 42 cups of fresh, hot coffee at the high speed of one cup per minute. Within 45 minutes you could have over 40 servings of coffee for co-workers, party guests or family members. The aluminum interior holds up to the high heat of brewing all this coffee without warping or melting under the stress.

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The two way faucet allows you to dispense the beverage quickly and efficiently, even when coffee lovers have lined up for a fresh cup. It is designed to be drip-less and will prevent the need for a tray below the faucet or cleaning up old coffee stains. The filter basket is designed as a permanent filter and doesn’t require any additional paper filters for proper brewing, saving you time and money. When you’re serving a group that doesn’t drink coffee, it’ll produce enough hot water for 42 cups of hot cocoa, tea or even soup and oatmeal.

This machine offers exciting features such as:

  • Removable power cord for safe storage
  • Brushed aluminum and black exterior case
  • High capacity water reservoir
  • Upright design with a small footprint

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D. Schwartz was afraid that this machine couldn’t handle producing high quality coffee for a family gathering, but was happy to find that the percolation brewing of the Party Perk didn’t ruin the taste of the quality coffee grounds. Even after hours of hot storage the coffee remained fresh tasting and did not become bitter. (More Reviews)

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